Top 10 Sports Cars in India

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Top 10 Sports Cars in India


hello Everyone We know that every buddy wants to buy a sports car but before that check the “Top 10 Sports Cars in India” and comment which one you are favorite.

The sports car segments in India are niche markets right along but there’s definitely a growing demand for these performance-focused models.

A reason for this is often the ever-increasing purchasing power of Indian car enthusiasts and therefore the launch of some globally renowned brand names within the market.

In India, owning a Sports Car makes more sense than a Supercar and that makes cars valuable.

So what’s a sports car in our eyes? people often interchange the term “sports car” and “supercar” supported what looks cooler to them.

In this list of sports cars, given below we kept it simple and included all great driving cars that cost under 1 crore in India

So here are the top 10 Sports Cars in India ……


Mini Cooper S

Price: Rs 29.9 Lakhs ex-showroom

Top 10 Sports Cars in India


First introduced in 1959, Mini Cooper is such an iconic car that it’s become a brand in itself.

Over the years, Mini has won several motor-sport races like Monte Carlo Rally in 1964, 1965, and 1967.

The modern-day Mini Cooper is considered one of the simplest hot hatches around the world.

Mini Cooper S is actually fun to drive a car that will continue with supercars on a decent windy road.

Even though the modern-day Mini is far bigger in size compared to the first Mini, it’s still quite small.

Top 10 Sports Cars in India


This makes it easy to maneuver within the city. It is a short wheelbase and an excellent steering feel gives it great handling characteristics.

Powering the Mini Cooper S may be a 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder petrol engine that creates 192 PS of power at 5,000-6,000 rpm.

The torque figure stands strong at 280 Nm. this is often plenty to offer it a 0-100 kph time of 6.8 seconds and a top speed of 230 Kph.


Skoda Octavia vRS

Price: Rs 30 Lakhs ex-showroom

Top 10 Sports Cars in India


Looking for the foremost bang for your buck? Skoda Octavia vRS has been the favorite of driving enthusiasts in India ever since it launched in 2017.

An only a limited number of units were made available.

But, Skoda has confirmed that a subsequent batch of cars is coming in 2020.

In stock form, this car comes with a 2.0-liter engine that churns out 245 PS of power between 5,500 to 6200 RPM

The torque is additionally quite healthy at 350 Nm at 1500 to 4500 RPM.

The numbers are very tempting. But what’s terrific is that this engine is often easily flash-tuned to form over 300 PS of power.

All it needs is a European Flash, intercooler, intake, and free-flowing exhaust.


Top 10 Sports Cars in India


The engine produces 230 HP at 5,500-6,200 RPM and 350Nm of torque at 1,500-4,500 RPM.

This power is sent through a 6-speed DSG dual-clutch automatic gearbox and then through an XDS limited-slip differential to the front wheels.

You’d think that such a lot of power on the front-wheel-drive means it difficult to handle the understeering car.

However, Skoda has considered it and added a limited-slip differential thereto.

This makes it safe and also faster around the corners while cornering.


BMW 330i

Price: Rs 48.5 Lakhs ex-showroom

Top 10 Sports Cars in India


The 3-Series BMW has always been a family man’s driver’s car all time.

The three Series is that the ideal platform if you would like practicality and luxury. But you don’t need to compromise fun for it.

The new BMW 330i G20 is that the latest BMW offering that comes with all the high-tech technologies.

Top 10 Sports Cars in India

It’s powered by a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder turbocharged engine that creates 258 Ps of power and 400 Nm of torque.

0-100 kph comes up in only 5.8 seconds.

Its predecessor had the graceful inline six-cylinder engine but you’ll not miss it much.


Ford Mustang

Price: Rs 74.62 Lakhs ex-showroom

Top 10 Sports Cars in India


Ford Mustang is an America Icon.

When the first Mustang was launched 50 years back, it became the poster car of car enthusiasts during that point.

The modern-day Ford Mustang remains a very cool car. and therefore the name just adds more Pzaz thereto.

Ford Mustang comes with a 5.0-Litre V8 engine that radiates 401 PS of power at 6,500 RPM and 515 Nm of torque in India.

Power is channeled to the rear wheels via a 6-speed automatic gearbox.

Top 10 Sports Cars in India


Mustang is your only choice if you’re trying to find a real American muscle car in India.

The driving feel of a Mustang is sort of unique and no other car within the segment below or above it offers.

No wonder you’ll see many supercar owners enjoying Mustang also.

It more practical for Indian roads and gets an equal amount of attention.


Mercedes-Benz C 43 AMG

Price: Rs 75 Lakhs ex-showroom

Top 10 Sports Cars in India


There is something extremely tempting a few sports sedans. But Mercedes C43 AMG looks spicier with its coupe design.

The C63 AMG on the opposite hand may appear as if a daily C-class with a body kit to fellow road users.

Unless you only planted that foot on the throttle and left them wondering what just happened.

Between C63 AMG and C43 AMG, there’s a price gap of around Rs 70 lakhs.

Let’s say, you’ll buy two C43 AMG for the worth of 1 C63 AMG.

Top 10 Sports Cars in India


Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG is not any slouch either. It’s powered by a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 engine that creates 390 PS of power and 520 Nm of torque.

0-100 kph comes up in only 4.7 seconds. this type of performance is sweet enough even for a seasoned driver.

Just 20 years back, this sort of performance number was only produced by better of the simplest supercars of that point.

For instance, it’d be faster than a Ferrari 360 Modena.


Mercedes AMG SLC 43

Price: Rs 77.5 Lakhs ex-showroom

Top 10 Sports Cars in India


A few years back, Mercedes SLK 55 AMG was the perfect roadster.

Now this AMG SLC 43 replaced that SLK 55 car in 2016. This also meant that the rumbling V8 engine was replaced for a twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6.

But that doesn’t mean slower. Mercedes AMG SLC 43 makes 367 hp (53 hp but SLK 55 AMG) and 520 Nm of torque (20 Nm but SLK).

Even though power is reduced, faster gearshifts and better chassis mean that SLC 43 AMG is neck to neck in terms of performance to its predecessor.

It does 0-100 kph in only 4.7 seconds.


BMW Z4 M40i

Price: Rs 80.5 Lakhs ex-showroom

Top 10 Sports Cars in India


Think of a roadster, and Z4 will certainly come to mind. Roadsters are great for any Who interested to drive in India.

They are not too fast for Indian roads like supercars, yet they command almost a similar road presence.

And they also are speed breaker friendly. BMW Z4 recently got an update and it is now more feature-rich than ever.

It shares this engine with the BMW M2 and therefore the Toyota Supra.

Top 10 Sports Cars in India


This 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine makes 340 Ps of power at 5000-6000 rpm and 500Nm of torque between 1600-4500 rpm.

Looking at these figures one can imagine that torque is usually available on tap whether you’re on low or high RPMs.

This makes it a really driveable car that’s also fast. 0-100 kph comes up in only 4.5 seconds.


Audi S5

Price: Rs 72.41 Lakh ex-showroom

Top 10 Sports Cars in India


Have an equivalent budget as BMW M2 but want more practicality? Audi S5 Sportback answers your wish.

If less, this is often as fast as BMW M2 within the world but it’s easier too.

It’s powered by a 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 engine.

So this setup produces 356 Ps of power and 500 Nm of torque. 0 to 100 kph comes up in only 4.7 seconds.

Park this and M2 Competition side by side, and most will agree that S5 Sportback looks better and costlier.

Top 10 Sports Cars in India


If driving fun and long drifting corners are your things then sure accompany M2 Comp.

But S5 Sportback offers the comfort and convenience of a daily Audi A4 during a Sportscar-like performance.

Its all-wheel-drive Quattro drivetrain is additionally safer to drive.


Porsche 718

Price: Rs 85.95 Lakhs ex-showroom

Top 10 Sports Cars in India


Porsche 718 comes in 2 body styles: Cayman (regular hardtop) and Boxster (Convertible). Both Cayman and Boxster drive almost similar.

The only question is does one like the open-top motoring or slopping silhouette of Cayman?

This is a correct two-seater sportscar. It’s light and fast enough to stay even the experienced drivers engaged.

The USP of Porsche 718 is that the chassis and the way well it handles. Some say that if it had more power, it might be faster than its big brother Porsche 911.

Top 10 Sports Cars in India


It is powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that creates 300 PS of power and 380 Nm of torque. 0-100 kph comes up in only 4.9 seconds.

The only gripe that Porsche enthusiasts have with it’s the shortage of a six-cylinder engine that the predecessor had.

The previous-generation Porsche Cayman sounded blissful, especially at higher RPMs.

But if you haven’t driven the previous-gen, you’ll not complain about the exhaust sound within the new one.



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