Top 10 Space Research Agencies In the World

Top 10 Space Research Agencies In the World | September | 2020

   Top 10 Space Research Agencies In the World


So let’s begin with a tremendous and interesting  topic today that is “Top 10 Space Research Agencies in the World

You know the space may be a vast and unknown to everyone

So many Government also as private organisations are research on the various unknown facts about space like environment, life, technology etc.


For that purpose this agencies work on different topics to urge all information of space.

The all important space and researches operations are conducted by space scientist and astronomers

By using ground-based telescopes, the physical exploration is run by both human spaceflight and unmanned robotic space probes.


The main purpose of space exploration is…….

advancing scientific research , uniting different countries, and ensuring the survival of humanity for an extended period of some time .

In particular, quite 70 government space organisations and plenty of private companies are currently engaged in activities associated with space research.

a couple of of them are far before others, in terms of accomplishment , capabilities, and annual budget.

Taking this factors in consideration, We listed some Organisations or Agencies  on the basis of their research based work on the space field

So, here are the Top 10 Space Research Agencies In the World  you’d like to examine it.

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let’s start…….

1.National Aeronautics and Space Administration  (NASA)    

Top 10 Space Research Agencies In the World                           

Established: 1958

Annual Budget:  $22.629 billion

For 6 decades, NASA has led the peaceful space exploration, making discoveries about Earth, other planets, solar systems, galaxies, and our universe.

It’s an independent organisation that isn’t an area of any united department but reports on to the U.S President.

Since its inception, most space exploration efforts are led by NASA, including the Skylab space station .

A partially reusable low Earth orbital spacecraft named spacecraft , and thus the most well liked human spaceflight program, Apollo Moon landing missions.

Most folks know something about NASA’s work, but haven’t any idea about what percentage various things it does. NASA consists of three mission directorates –

  1. Aeronautics Research for developing advanced aviation technologies Science for studying the origin and evolution of Earth, system , and thus the universe.
  2. Space Technology for developing space science sand explorations technologies.
  3. Operation handling and Human Exploration are the management of manned space programs, including those to the ISS, launch-related missions, space communication technology.

Several research centers are affiliated, including as…….

the Johnson Space Center, reaction propulsion Laboratory, Goddard Space Flight Center, and Langley research facility.

The organisation has successfully launched quite 200 manned flights, and that they are currently performing on quite 70 missions.

2. Russian space agency -Roscosmos (RFSA)

Top 10 Space Research Agencies In the World

Established:  25 February 1992

Annual Budget: $2.77 billion

Roscosmos could also be a coordinating hub for all kinds of space activities in Russia.

It conducts kind of civilian activities, including astronaut projects and monitoring Earth, and coordinates military launches with the Defence Ministry of the Russia .

The new Roscosmos State Corporation is formed by merging the re-nationalized Russian space industry and thus the United Rocket and Space Corporation.

However, the country’s contribution to space technologies and space research for long predates these events.

In 10 years Between 1955 and 1965, its former Eurasia program racked up many world firsts, including the first artificial Earth satellite named Sputnik-1.

The first man (Yuri Gagarin) and woman (Valentina Tereshkova) in space, the first space flight to carry quite one crewman into orbit.

 Thus the primary spacecraft to achieve the vicinity of the Moon.

Roscosmos was formed during a totally different era, right after the termination of the Eurasia Union Program.

Now the agency provides launch services to other countries to assist them in their research work, and performs various spacecraft mission of its own, like Global navigation satellites, tele-communications and military satellites.

3. European Space Agency (ESA)

Top 10 Space Research Agencies In the World

Established: 30 May 1975

Annual Budget: $7.43 billion

The European Space Agency is a world organisation with 22 member states.

By harmonising the financial assets and intellectual of all members of European countries, the agency can manage activities and programmes far beyond the scope of any single European country .

ESA is one of the most contributors to the ISS.

Since its formation, it has been actively involved in unmanned exploration missions…
1. to the Moon and other planets,
2. tele-communication and developing launch vehicles,
3. Earth observation.

Other major recent projects include Venus Express that’s continuously sending data from its polar orbit around Venus.

LISA Path-finder which is studying gravitational waves, and thus the James Webb Space Telescope.

The agency has their own launch system, Rocket, which has skilled multiple generations of developments over the last four decades.

The agency has currently projects planned for Jupiter  and Mercury (BepiColombo). which will observe the energetic universe and study substance 

they’re also developing subsequent generation of their Galileo navigation satellite system.

4.Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

Top 10 Space Research Agencies In the World

Established:  1 October 2003

Annual Budget: $1.7 Billion

It designed as a core performing agency to support the space research and Japanese government’s overall aerospace development.

JAXA conducts integrated operations, from basic research and development to implementation.

It is also involved in several advanced missions, including satellite launch, possible manned exploration of the Moon, and asteroid exploration.

They have been actively involved in developing satellites for other agencies.

In 2005, they launched the Multi-Functional Transport Satellite 1R for weather observation.

One year later, they launched the second version of this satellite to help direct traffic . And recently, they launched the first Kenyan satellite to low Earth orbit.

The coming projects with NASA are the worldwide Precipitation Measurement Core satellite, Aqua Earth Observation Satellite,

therefore the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission.

Testing communication technologies has remained JAXA’s main focus.

In 2018, they announced that they’re going to be collaborating with Sony to review a laser communication system from the  Kibo.

5.Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)

Top 10 Space Research Agencies In the World

Established: 15 August 1969

Annual Budget: $1.9 billion

ISRO is that the Indian government space agency, stands for the Indian Space Research Organisation.

It had been established in 15 august 1969 i.e on the Independence Day and their motto is “space technology within the service of human kind.”

The agency has conducted various major operations on national and international level.

Therefore they launched first moon mission rocket named as Chandrayaan-1 for moon data exploration.

Moreover, on 24th September 2014, ISRO succeeds in sending spacecraft into Martian orbit on 1st attempt.

the entire expenditure for this mission was $75 million, making it the foremost important cost-efficient Mars mission ever.

On February 15, 2017, ISRO launched 104 satellites during one rocked named  PSLV-C37  and made a record.

Of those 104 satellites, one is 714 kilogram main satellite for earth observation and 103 smaller “nano satellites” which weigh 664 kilogram combined.

The govt is pleased with ISRO’s progress and announced 23% raise in its annual budget.

On 5th June, ISRO launched 640 ton GSLV Mk III rocket, carrying  GSAT-19 communication satellite.

The 141 foot rocket is meant to be as heavy as 200 full-grown Asian elephants.

After lunar 1 this is often 2nd lunar mission takes India closer to future generation to launch vehicle and satellite capability.

The ISRO latest lunar mission on South Pole of moon Chandrayaan-2.

As of 2019 in month of September, it consists of a lunar orbiter, and also included the Vikram lander.

Therefore the Pragyan lunar rover, all of which were developed in India.

6.China National Space Administration (CNSA)

Top 10 Space Research Agencies In the World

Established: 22 April 1993

Annual Budget: $11 billion

China National Space Administration is responsible for planning and implementing all space missions on the national level.

Also put government agreements related to space research.

Unlike other space organisations worldwide, CNSA is not invlve ISS. In fact, it’s its own small space station .

However, it carries out regular launches by itself employing a family of expendable launch systems named Long March.

Since 2003, they have conducted many manned space missions then far, 11 Chinese astronauts have traveled in space.

In 2012, a 3-astronaut crew on board Shenzhou 9 made the first manned spacecraft docking in space, attaching it to a prototype space station  Tiangong-1

In 2014, CNSA successfully made the first soft landing on the moon using its first robotic lunar lander and rover, named Chang’e 3.

Aside from this, in 2007, China successfully administered an anti-satellite test on its own machines.

7. SpaceX

Top 10 Space Research Agencies In the World

Established: 1958

Annual Budget:  $2 billion

SpaceX, the Space agency founded by famous billionaire and tesla’s owner Elon Musk, It is create with the mission of taking humans to Mar

Nearly 20 years on, it’s already taken NASA astronauts to orbit and accomplished many other milestones along the way.

If you’re having a troublesome time maintaining with SpaceX’s plans to exchange international airline flights with orbital rocket trips, send a Japanese billionaire.

His favorite artists around the moon, create a worldwide broadband network and develop a Mars rocket, do not be concerned .

We created this SpaceX primer so you’ll get up to hurry fast.

Since the spacecraft was retired in 2011, the only way that astronauts are able to visit and from the International space station has been via Russian spacecraft.

Therefore NASA has ordered private companies SpaceX and Boeing to deliver new spacecraft designed to ferry astronauts to the ISS and back.

In March 2019 the SpaceX-designed ‘Crew Dragon’ became the first privately owned spacecraft to successfully dock with the ISS.

In 2020 it’ll return – now with astronauts on board.

8. Space Studies Institute

Top 10 Space Research Agencies In the World

Annual Budget: It is a non-profitable agency

The Space Studies Institute could even be a non-profit organization founded by Gerard O’Neill in 1977 only for charitable, scientific, literary and also for academic purposes.

Our goals are to conduct and support theoretical and experimental research associated with the knowledge, understanding, use of energy and material resources in space for the event of the human condition.

SSI will achieve the research organisation goals in space and science by engaging in research itself.

Also funding and otherwise supporting research and related educational activities at selected colleges, universities and other scientific institutions.

SSI has finance research on several transport mechanisms needed for the event of space.

Their first research and development program was to expand the Mass-Driver.

This program is said to electromagnetic accelerator which can be used to move Mars material efficiently and economically to high-Earth orbit for processing.

SSI funded the work on Mass-Drivers II and Ill which were advanced models of a thought originally developed at MIT under the guidance and direction of Drs. Henry Kolm and Gerard O’Neil

9. International Space University

Top 10 Space Research Agencies In the World

Annual Budget:  It is a non-profitable agency

The International Space University educate folks that have an interest in space and science

develops the end of the day leaders, students of the world space community.

Also they providing associative educational programs to students and space professionals during a world , intercultural environment.

ISU also a international council for the exchange of data and concepts on challenging issues associated with space and space applications.

It focuses on providing the only space research training to graduate-level training to the top of the day leaders.

It also emerging global space community at its Central Campus in Strasbourg, France, and at locations around the world.

In its one-year Master of Space Studies, two-month Space Studies Program and 5-week Southern Hemisphere-Space Studies Programme.

ISU offers its students a singular Core Curriculum covering all disciplines related to following..

  1. space programs and enterprises
  2. research based work and space science
  3. space engineering, systems engineering and  space policy law
  4. Also business  management, space and society.

So during this university each of those course involve an intense student research Team Project.

Also they  providing international graduate students and young space professionals the probabilities to complex problems by working together in an inter-cultural environment

10.The International Space Science Institute     (ISSI)Top 10 Space Research Agencies In the World

Annual Budget: It is branch of  ESA  & its non profitable agency

The International Space Science Institute (ISSI) is in Switzerland an Institute of research of space science and Advanced Study.

Where scientists from everywhere the earth meet during a associative setting to achieve out for brand fresh scientific horizons.

the most goal and motive is to supply more info related to space

Also contribute to the achievement of a deeper understanding of the results from different space missions.

Ground based observations and laboratory experiments.

Adding value to those results through associative research within the framework of International Teams, Workshops, Working Groups, Forums and individual Visiting Scientists.

The program of ISSI covers an honest spectrum of disciplines including the physics of the system

Also for planetary sciences to astrophysics and cosmology , and from Earth sciences to  Astro-biology.

According to the mission and aim, the Association’s scientific areas of interest are those covered by ISSI.

Therefore, due note of the Association’s equivalent mission to convey excerpts of ISSI’s

scientific program to non-experts within the sector in an easily understandable language and to provide its members access to ISSI’s scientific program.

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