2021 Space Calendar : space station and more

2021 Space Calendar : SpaceX Starship tests, NASA’s missions, China’s space station and many more

2021 Space Calendar : SpaceX Starship tests, NASA’s missions, China’s space station and many more


Hello techies….. to know about upcoming events of space we are here with “2021 Space Calendar : space station” and many more  So read carefully and don’t miss any event….

We have already 1 / 4 of the way through 2021 and, already, we have seen some remarkable achievements in space and science.

Topping the list of cosmic wonders would need to be NASA’s Perseverance rover landing on Mars during a 10/10 dive for the surface and returning some stunning images and incredible sounds from the Mars .

With such a lot happening on Mars, you’ll have missed a number of the most important space events happening closer to home. we would like to assist .

To keep you within the know, Technical Tracker launched the SPACE CALENDAR (all caps for dramatic cosmic effect) in 2020,

covering all the large rocket launches, mesmerizing meteor showers, epic eclipses and even an assortment of scientific milestones.

In 2021, we’re back at it again.

You can find all the key dates for space missions below, with meteor showers and events without a date toward rock bottom of the piece.

Our always-updating Google calendar are often synced together with your own calendar so you never miss a thing. That big button below?

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[Feb. 2] Starship SN9 test explodes on landing

2021 Space Calendar : space station and more

Remember the unbelievable explosion of SpaceX’s SN8 prototype in December?

SpaceX considers that a hit on its thanks to a totally fledged spacecraft which will get to orbit and -eventually -to Mars.

In late 2020 or early 2021, Elon Musk’s spaceflight company expects to send subsequent numbered prototype on its way.

Its three powerful Raptor engines are attached and it’s been wheeled onto the launchpad, therefore the prototype is probably going to fly early in 2021.

The SN9 test finally achieved liftoff on Feb. 2, 2021 after SpaceX and therefore the FAA traded barbs over launch safety waivers.

It was another spectacular test and, as you’ll see within the image above, it ended with another explosion.

SN10 is vertical at the company’s Boca Chica facility – so it’s likely to fly soon.

Check back here and we’ll keep you updated.

[Feb. 9] Hope inserts itself into Mars’ orbit

2021 Space Calendar : space station and more

The United Arab Emirates’ Hope probe, which was launched in July 2020.

They performed a Mars Orbital Insertion (MOI) on 9 Feb., slipping into the clutches of the red planet’s gravity.

The maneuver makes the UAE just the fifth nation to succeed in Mars, following the US, Russia, China and India.

The orbiter will observe Mars from space and examine its atmosphere with a set of three instruments, including a high resolution camera.

Just take a glance at the primary photo from Hope to ascertain what we will expect in years to return .

[Feb. 10] Tianwen-1 arrives at Mars

2021 Space Calendar : space station and more

China’s Tianwen-1 (“Questions to Heaven”) spacecraft is carrying a Martian orbiter, lander and rover as cargo and made its own insertion just each day after Hope (UAE).

The Chinese mission won’t release it’s lander or rover immediately to the surface.

It is expected to release those vehicles sometime in May.

The rover features a lifespan of around 92 days and Li Zhencai, deputy commander of the mission, told CCTV the mission are going to be completed around “the end of August.”

[Feb. 18] NASA’s Perseverance rover lands on Mars

2021 Space Calendar : space station and more

They did it again! On 18 Feb, NASA engineers and scientists celebrated the arrival of Perseverance on the Mars .

There were memes a plenty and one particular engineer who captured people’s hearts and minds.

It’s set to be an enormous year for Martian robots and specifically, the search to seek out signs of ancient life on the Mars .

Along with determination, China’s Tianwen-1 lander and rover also will be putting Mars dirt under the microscope.

However, it isn’t expected to the touch down until later within the year.

[March 3] SN10 flies high, nails landing… then explodes

2021 Space Calendar : space station and more

Third time appeared to be the charm for Musk’s Starship prototype.

The rocket performed a near-perfect launch and a rather worrisome landing back on the pad in Boca Chica, Texas,

But about six minutes after touchdown it achieved a secondary launch this point caused by an explosion.

Musk detailed the rationale for the failures a few of days later: a number of the interior components made from copper were burning during the spacecraft’s descent. That’s never an honest sign.

SpaceX will still test Starship prototypes from Boca Chica throughout the year, gearing up for the prototype’s first orbital flight potentially before 2022.

[March 30] SpaceX SN11 launch ends explosively, too

2021 Space Calendar : space station and more

Taking off during a foggy Texas morning, the Starship SN11 prototype met an equivalent end as previous Starships: Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly.

This time, the explosion was caused by “a relatively small” methane gas leak on board the prototype, consistent with SpaceX big shot to Musk.

[March 2021] The Large Hadron Collider powers up again

2021 Space Calendar : space station and more

The Large Hadron Collider, the highest-energy particle collider on the earth , has been powered down since Dec. 10, 2018.

In March, scientists at the ecu Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) flicked it back on again.

The collider has been instrumental in testing predictions of theories in high-energy physics .

including discovery of the Higgs boson, or the “God particle” (just don’t call it that ahead of any particle physicists).

Its third observational run or “Run 3” should begin in 2022, with a period of commissioning and magnet training to urge things up to scratch for examining the atomic world in March.

It will then be pack up in 2025 and upgraded again, for its fourth run in 2027.

I’m putting this during a space calendar, because, physics is everywhere. Let me have this one. It’s cool.

[April 21] Ingenuity takes flight on Mars

2021 Space Calendar : space station and more

Flying on Earth? Boring, easy, routine, old hat. Flying on Mars? Cool, hard, new, never been done before but NASA’s Ingenuity rotorcraft  goes to undertake .

The chopper was deposited on the surface of Mars by Perseverance in early April and had looked to fly the Mars “no before April 11.”

However, the flight has been delayed, so NASA can get things all fine and dandy and can likely occur later in April.

If Ingenuity can fancy the skies of Mars, it’ll be the primary time we’ve flown a vehicle on another planet.

It’s considered a “tech demonstration,” one that would cause further flights across the system .

[April 22] SpaceX Crew-2 launches to the ISS

2021 Space Calendar : space station and more

SpaceX made history when it sent the primary commercial crew to the International space platform aboard Crew-1 in November 2020.

On April 22, Crew-2 is predicted to launch NASA astronauts Megan McArthur and Shane Kimbrough, plus ESA’s Thomas Pesquet and Japan’s Akihiko Hoshide.

The capsule containing the astronauts are going to be Crew Dragon Endeavour, which first flew astronauts to the ISS during SpaceX and NASA’s historic Demo-1 mission.

[April] China launches first space station module

2021 Space Calendar : space station and more

China will launch the primary module of its planned orbital space platform in late April, consistent with the country’s human spaceflight agency, CMSA.

The module, referred to as Tianhe-1 (“harmony of the heavens”), will power the entire station and is about to deal with a crew of three taikonauts on six month stints.

This very similar to the International space platform , when assembly is complete.

Almost a dozen missions are going to be required to finish the space platform within the coming year and a half.

China aims to launch it on a replacement generation rocket referred to as the Long March 5B, from Wenchang Satellite Launch Center, in late April.

Timing remains to be announced, but once we know, we’ll update this post.

[May?] China’s Tianwen-1 rover lands on Mars

2021 Space Calendar : space station and more

Tianwen-1, China’s triple threat mission to Mars, left Earth in July 2020 and is push itself into Mars orbit in February 2021.

However, the Chinese program won’t attempt a touchdown for a couple of months, with most estimates suggesting late April or early May for the historic event.

China goes big here — an orbiter will still circle the Mars , and two spacecraft, a lander and a rover, are going to be steered to the surface.

Mars is usually a really mean-spirited planet: It kills around half all spacecraft that attempt to land there,

so it is a huge and daring mission for China’s space agency.

It will be ready to repose on a robust heritage of moon exploration however, with its Chang’e probes achieving incredible feats of space exploration within the last three years.

[May 26] Total Lunar Eclipse of the Flower Moon

2021 Space Calendar : space station and more

When the Earth’s shadow covers the moon, you get a eclipse .

When the whole moon is shadowed, that’s a complete eclipse .

And when there is a full-of-the-moon in May, it’s referred to as a “Flower Moon.”

That’s how you get a complete eclipse of the flower moon… and that is the primary big celestial event of 2021.

We have a convenient guide for viewing eclipses here. We’ll provide a much bigger update because it gets closer to May.

[June 10] Ring of Fire eclipse

2021 Space Calendar : space station and more

The Johnny Cash eclipse, as it’s affectionately known by nobody except myself, will occur over parts of the hemisphere on June 10.

A ring of fireside eclipse occurs when the moon only partially blocks sunlight, leaving a stunning ring of fireside within the sky.

The most recent eclipse (an “annular” eclipse) occurred in 2020 and it had been spectacular.

The best places to observe are going to be across Russia, Canada and Greenland, but there’ll be many live streams and places to observe this one, we assume.

[July?] Boeing Starliner OFT-2 launch

2021 Space Calendar : space station and more

The CST-100 Starliner, a cone-shaped spacecraft designed to deliver astronauts to the International space platform as a part of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program, has had its justifiable share of ups and downs.

The first Orbital Flight Test in December 2019 (wow, it had been that long ago?) experienced an “anomaly”.

with the spacecraft’s clock which meant it didn’t reach the ISS because it had intended and, instead, safely landed back within the desert two days later.

Boeing will now perform a second uncrewed orbital flight test to urge the Starliner able to carry crew.

If it all goes successfully, it could pave the way for astronauts to be launched within the capsule later within the year. Fingers crossed.

[Oct. 2] BepiColombo flys past Mercury

2021 Space Calendar : space station and more

BepiColombo, a joint mission between the ESA and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), had a reasonably big 2020.

It was called into action because it performed a flyby of Venus to see for signs of life within the upper atmosphere.

In 2021, it performs its first flyby of its intended destination the earth Mercury.

It will be the primary during a series of six flybys and culminate within the release of an orbiting craft which will monitor Mercury from 2025.

[Oct. 16] NASA’s Lucy launches on asteroid hunt

2021 Space Calendar : space station and more

One of the foremost ambitious missions on NASA’s slate is understood as Lucy, which can plan to visit eight asteroids over subsequent decade.

It will be the primary mission to review the Trojans, a gaggle of asteroids that trail and lead Jupiter in orbit round the sun.

The mission is known as after the fossilized remains of an ancestral human discover in Ethiopia in 1974, which rewrote the history books on human evolution.

NASA’s Lucy might find yourself rewriting the history of the system .

The Trojans likely harbor clues to the origin of our system and operate as time capsules,

Allowing scientists to know the environment of the solar system’s earliest eons.

[Oct. 31] NASA’s James Webb Telescope launches

2021 Space Calendar : space station and more

A particularly mysterious launch date for NASA’s long delayed next generation space telescope.

The planned successor to NASA’s workhorse Hubble, James Webb may be a major improvement to our capabilities in studying the first universe.

Granted things go well, it should be ready to see a number of the earliest galaxies that ever formed.

But it’s been a struggle for the telescope to urge into space.

It’s now arising to its 25th birthday and it hasn’t even got off the bottom with the pandemic setting it back even further.

Granted this launch date holds, it’ll be an enormous (and spooky) day for NASA. Another fingers crossed mission.

[November] NASA launches DART mission to crash into an asteroid

2021 Space Calendar : space station and more

NASA’s mission to ram into an asteroid will say “armageddon out of here” sometime between November 2021 and February 2022, because it heads toward space rock 68503 Didymos.

The rock also features a smaller twin, referred to as Dimorphos, which orbits it as its personal moon.

The “Double Asteroid Redirection Test” will crash into this smaller asteroid (which is about as big as Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza)

After then another mission, led by the ecu Space Agency for launch in 2024, will study the impact crater and the way it changed Dimorphos‘ orbit and properties.

If it works, then NASA thinks the spacecraft could shift the orbit of Dimorphos by around half a millimeter (mm) per second.

It doesn’t appear to be tons , but over time, that would dramatically alter its orbital period.

[Dec. 4] Darkness descends on Antarctica

2021 Space Calendar : space station and more

If you are a number of the scattered wildlife that spends time in Antarctica (or perhaps some lucky researchers),

then you will be ready to catch the sole total eclipse of 2021, when the moon blocks light from the sun over the icy continent.

The next total eclipse then won’t be until 2023 and it’ll only be visible in parts of Southeast Asia and Australia.

The US will experience a complete eclipse in 2024.

[January 2022?] Boeing Crewed Flight Test

2021 Space Calendar : space station and more

Provided everything works out exactly as hoped in March, the primary crewed test flight of the Starliner could head to the International space platform in June.

Similar to SpaceX’s Demo-2 mission in 2020, this is able to be the ultimate check for Boeing’s spacecraft before it becomes operational.

A big achievement, should it get there.

Will Chandrayaan-3 launch in 2021?

2021 Space Calendar : space station and more

In 2019, the Indian space agency, ISRO, attempted to form history by becoming the fourth nation to soft-land on the surface of the moon.

Unfortunately, things went awry. A software glitch caused the spacecraft, Chandrayaan-2, to shoot into the moon’s surface.

The mission was designed to land at the lunar South Pole , which might are a historic first.

Nearly as soon as Chandrayaan-2‘s unfortunate ending came to light, India announced it might try again,with Chandrayaan-3.

The mission was shoot down to launch in 2020, but pandemic. Will it launch in 2021? that is what ISRO is shooting for.

Major meteor showers to watch in 2021

  • Quadrantids Dec. 27, 2020 – Jan. 10, 2021.
    Peak night: Jan. 2

Want to watch the Quadrantids meteor shower? 

  • Lyrids April 16 – April 30.
    Peak night: April 21

Want to watch the Lyrids meteor shower? 

  • Eta Aquariids April 19 – May 28.
    Peak night: May 5
  • Perseids July 17 – Aug. 26.
    Peak night:  Aug. 13
  • Draconids Oct. 6 – Oct. 10.
    Peak night: Oct. 7
  • Orionids Oct. 2 – Nov. 7.
    Peak night: Oct. 20
  • Leonids Nov. 6 – Nov. 30.
    Peak night: Nov. 16
  • Geminids Dec. 4 – Dec. 17.
    Peak night: Dec. 13
  • Ursids Dec. 17 – Dec. 26.
    Peak night: Dec. 21


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