10 Amazing Applications of Quantum Computers

10 Amazing Applications of Quantum Computers | November | 2020 |

10 Amazing Applications of Quantum Computers


Hello Everyone…So today let’s begin with the technology related with physics and will take towards future that’s “10 Amazing Applications of Quantum Computers”

Slowly but surely, quantum computing is preparing for its closeup.

The Google made headlines upon proclaiming that it had achieved the long-anticipated breakthrough of “quantum supremacy.”

That’s when a quantum computer is in a position to perform a task a standard computer can’t.

The fame of quantum computers is increasing day-by-day to the promise of in no time processing power.

Although, quantum computers haven’t yet reached their quantum supremacy, some companies like D-Wave has already introduced a billboard quantum annealing computer.

The emergence of those commercial quantum computers allowed scientists to check and use them in various field.

We have selected the highest “10 Amazing Applications of Quantum Computers” that folks thought would happen within the future.

1. Advanced Artificial Intelligence

10 Amazing Applications of Quantum Computers

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a particularly hot field in automation industries, computing , and robotics.

It is actually replacing human workers and has enhanced the results and outcomes significantly.

AI is develop considerably within the past decade with the utilization of neural networks which may be a model of machine learning supported neurons in our brain.

Neural Networks are a really powerful model and may adapt themselves to any pattern of knowledge .

They can perform image recognition, voice recognition, and replica human behavior.

But the most difficulty in neural networks is their training.

The training of huge neural networks require an incredible amount of computing power and it takes a really while .

This problem can easily be solve by using quantum computers rather than classic computers.

Quantum computers can significantly reduce time to coach large neural networks on very large datasets.

Because of this reason, Google is investing in quantum computer research and development to speed-up its AI algorithms.

Some models of neural networks are tested on D-Wave quantum annealing computer and therefore the results were pretty good.


2. Weather Forecasting

10 Amazing Applications of Quantum Computers

Weather Forecasting is that the prediction of weather beforehand by analyzing the present climate and therefore the past.

It is performed by classical computers by processing large datasets of the many weather parameters.

Due to the limited precision of computers and insufficient computing power, forecasting weather perfectly of a couple of days beforehand is impossible.

The problem of meteorology accuracy are often improved employing a quantum computer, as suggested by a Russian Researcher.

He published a paper in 2017 during which showed the likelihood of increased accuracy by using Dynamic Quantum Clustering (DQC) methodology.

He further claimed that DQC can even produce datasets for meteorology that are difficult to supply on classical computers.


3. Simulation of Molecules

10 Amazing Applications of Quantum Computers


Simulation of molecules and their behavior in several condition is extremely important within the field of chemistry and biology.

Because simulation allows chemists and biologists to review molecules and their interaction without performing an actual experiment.

For the simulation of molecules, classical computers are use which pose many limitations and may process only a limited number of molecules.

However, quantum can break these limitations and can allow the simulation of very complex molecules in very large computers.

Quantum computer of the seven-qubit chip has already be tested on the simulation of beryllium hydride (BeH2) molecules.

Certainly, this might not impress you, but think a touch about seven-qubit chip performing simulation.

The power of quantum computer increases tremendously if you increase only a couple of more qubits.

The power of quantum computers increases exponentially with the rise in every qubit.


4. Better Cancer Treatment

10 Amazing Applications of Quantum Computers

Cancer is one among the foremost deadly diseases within the world that cause many deaths annually .

In a survey from the planet Health Organization, there have been quite 1.7 million deaths cause by only respiratory cancer in 2016.

Most of the people die from cancer were found to acknowledge cancer within the last stage.

However, if the cancer is recognize at an early stage then there are high of recovering from cancer.

There are various cancer treatment methods which can include medicines, radiotherapy, and surgery.

Many patients are medicate with radiotherapy during which radiations are wont to destroy cancerous cells.

Radiotherapy can also destroy healthy cells and tissues that surround the cancerous region.

In 2015, a replacement technique has been introduce by researchers of Roswell Park Cancer Institute that utilize quantum annealing computer rather than a classic computer.

The results of using this new computer was that the optimization process took significantly less time and purchased 3 to 4 times increase in speed.


5. Better Biomedical Simulations

10 Amazing Applications of Quantum Computers

Quantum computers are often wont to simulate proteins and cell functions in an efficient manner.

One attempt of such type to unravel the puzzle of folding .

The attempt was made by researchers at Harvard University in 2012 and therefore the results were successful.

They have used quantum annealing computer developed by D-Wave and located rock bottom configuration of amino acids that weren’t found before.

This was an excellent achievement in modeling the folding at an honest accuracy.

You can read more about this simulation at

: http://blogs.nature.com/news/2012/08/d-wave-quantum-computer-solves-protein-folding-problem.html


6. Better Financial Services

10 Amazing Applications of Quantum Computers

D-Wave has already built a billboard quantum computer that contains about 2000 qubits and is named D-Wave 2000Q.

But it’s very expensive and only use by a couple of organizations just for research purpose.

D-Waves quantum computer also can be use to handle complex financial calculations and risk management problems.

Also, it are often use to match and optimize new financial models and reduce the key global risk factors.

However, for the worldwide economic system , a more powerful quantum computer are going to be require that are under research and development.


7. Improved Traffic Flow

10 Amazing Applications of Quantum Computers

Traffic jams are one among the main problems in cities which will happen anytime.

People usually wake-up early within the morning to succeed in the office earlier to avoid traffic jams.

But they still get stay and lots of times reach the office late.

Google has been analyzing traffic jams and congestions to suggests its users the fastest and clear route to succeed in the destination.

Volkswagen has been trying to scale back traffic congestions and jams by controlling and optimizing the flow of traffic.

They have experimented in 2017 on quantum annealing computer to seek out optimum routes for variety of cars.

Also they need successfully shown the tactic by optimizing the routes of 10,000 cars in Beijing roads.

Although they claim that the optimization process is far faster in quantum annealing computer than a classic computer.


8. Better Mobile Data Coverage

10 Amazing Applications of Quantum Computers

You may have experienced many spots in your city where mobile data reception or satellite coverage is extremely bad.

The problem with bad coverage arises when the satellites aren’t ready to completely cover the world .

It is thanks to the very fact that there’s a really sizable amount of combinations in satellite alignments.

The alignment of the satellite must be optimize to hide most of the world which is usually perform by classic computers.

But it is very difficult to process all the combinations with classic computers in little time.

In a paper published in 2017, it had been suggest that Quadratic Unconstrained Binary Optimization (QUBO) technique.

This technique can be execute on quantum annealing computers to speed-up the optimization process.

Although the method will get large speed-ups, it still won’t be ready to cover all the bad coverage spots.

But with good optimization, there’ll be a smaller chance of bad coverage spots.


9. Quantum Computers For Gaming

10 Amazing Applications of Quantum Computers

Many gamers are impress about the processing speed that a quantum computer offers.

Gamers may be curious to play very large games at high framerates on quantum computers.

Gaming on quantum computers could also be possible in future to play very large games.

Currently, it’s impossible to play large games because quantum computers don’t run on classic computer’s algorithms.

Therefore the hardware has not reached its supremacy.

However, many smaller games are develope, like Quantum Battleship, to check on quantum computers.

Developing games for a quantum computer requires different algorithms techniques and programing language .

And such sort of programing language is being develop by Microsoft called Q#.

This new programing language will work on both classic computers and quantum computer and can also cash in of quantum computer’s hardware.


10. Effective Customized Advertisements

10 Amazing Applications of Quantum Computers

We all hate advertisements once we are assault with them especially once they are irrelevant to us.

Companies of the planet spend billions of dollars annually to introduce their products but most of the time ads reach to an individual who finds them irrelevant.

This problem was analyze by Recruit Communications and that they have published a search paper.

In this research paper, they need shown how the utilization of quantum annealing computers can help to focus on the ads on relevant customers and reduce the advertisement cost.

You can find the paper at

: https://www.dwavesys.com/sites/default/files/RCO_0_0.pdf


To know more about Quantum Computer Watch the video below

Video by : Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell


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